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Make A Brilliant Star Shine In My Heart

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Here at Make A Briliant Star Shine In My Heart I will put up alot of my fanfics and other peoples fanfics. This web page will include stories from many animes and books. I will also put up some pictures, sounds, songs, and vidios on this page. I also would like it if you would read this and send me some fanfics.

On this page you can get to all of the other parts that make up my website. If you have any comments, questions, fan fics, pictures, ect... Please contact me at O_o I am known as Serisyanna Zanchanol or just Sersiya. I realy want your thoughts on my page. ^_^

What's New?

I have put up some songs a fanfic and one link!! O.o

Ja Ne!!


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

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I hope to add more Fan Fics and everything else to this site with every update.

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I had some fun and added todays weather in Hell. It fits since I am Shinimegumi.

The Weather in Hell

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